Welcome to Tall Bloke Consulting

We are a collective of associates with expertise in all disciplines of I.T. Programme and Project with specialised focus on Test and Quality Services.

We believe we differ from the 'pack' by our understanding that we do not live in a 'One Size Fits All' world. Whilst we have Frameworks, disciplines and processes that we can apply, we are cognizant that the ever evolving world of I.T, progressing at pace with the Digitisation of Services in both Public and Private sectors, brings a plethora of challenges where we believe we can be fundamental to your success in the delivery space and the management of risk.

We are fully conversant in delivery methods from Agile to Waterfall but hold a firm position that the ethos of Testing and validation remains a constant. At the point of implementation we appreciate that your stakeholders and customers will demand an outcome that meets their Functional and Non-Functional expectations and whilst the method of delivery to the point of implementation may change, that expectation will not waiver.


In fact, the Digital agenda ever increasingly shines a light and challenges Organisations on how they manage the issues that agenda brings. With little or no control over your User Base in terms of size or type as well as requirements for SLA's of 99.9%. The proving of those services to operate under such rigor is paramount to success. Amongst others, Load, Stress, Scalability, Operability, Security are now more about how your services perform under stress and failure scenarios rather than meeting a standard set of Non-Functional requirements where the Service under Test was previously contained. The consumption of Legacy Services, designed at a different time, are now routinely exposed to Cloud hosted front-ends across Networks that may too have not been designed to cope with the extremes of the Digital age.

Offering a number of Services we have positioned ourselves to provide you with the flexibility that you will not be able to find in a busy marketplace.

We look forward to being a part of your future successes